Freecell 2006

Enhanced Freecell Solitaire Game

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Freecell 2006

Extended Shuffles : Freecell 2006 is equipped with more number of game shuffles compared to standard freecell solitaire implementations. Freecell 2006 supports three million shuffles. So every time you press the new game button you get a game with a unique shuffle. When you click on the new game button Freecell 2006's internal random game generator creates a new game number between the above specified range and this number will be given to the game engine as input. Game engine takes this number and create a new shuffle accordingly. Then it will direct graphics engine to draw the cards and start the game.

Unlimited Undo, Redo, Undo All and Redo All : This is another important feature of Freecell 2006. You can undo the current game till the beginning and redo the game till the latest position. With a single click Undo All cancels all the previous moves and takes games to the first position. Redo all cancels all previous undos and takes game to the latest position.

Replay Games Forward and Backward : This is a very unique feature of all our solitaire card games. This is like a video preview of the played moves. Replay Back command run a preview to the beginning of the game and replay forward do a preview till the last finished position.

Save Incomplete and Finished Games Separately : This also another unique feature of our games. You can save Incomplete and Finished games separately. Even while opening also game engine treat these games separately. When you open an incomplete game, pointer will be automatically moved to the last finished position so that you can continue playing from that position. If it is a completed games then game engine start a game replay from the first move.

AutoSave Games with Date and Time Stamp : If enabled Freecell 2006 can automatically save all incomplete and finished games. You can enabled it from the options section. When enabled, Freecell 2006 save the game when you finish it or loose it. These games also treated like saved games. Freecell 2006 also includes a date and time stamp with the saved file name so that each file will have a unique name so no need to worry about overwriting an existing game.

Add, Organize and Play from Favorites

Scoreboard with Scores, Top Scores and Statistics

Recent List for Incomplete and Finished Games

General and Global Games History

Adjustable Card Speed for all Movements

Snapshot Position - Return to Saved Position

Fading Background Color Schemes and Image

Selectable Sounds and Sound Scheme

Automatic Game Saving and Loading

Export Scoreboard and Game Source

Customizable Toolbar, Menu and Status bar

Moves, Cards Left and Possible Moves Display

File Association for Incomplete and Finished Games