Freecell 2006

Enhanced Freecell Solitaire Game

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Freecell 2006 is developed by Zonora Technologies. This game was first introduced in 1999 and the name of the product was Freecell Plus. It was a free solitaire product and freecell lovers from all over the world downloaded and played this game. It was very similar to Microsoft's Windows Freecell with some extra features like card and background color changing options and more shuffles.

After collecting valuable feedbacks from freecell players we launched our first shareware freecell product in August 2000, Freecell 2000. In this version we implemented so many features and increased the number of shuffles. After it's unprecedented success we again released updated versions in 2002,03 and 06. Now Freecell 2006 is the latest version available.

With its' unique kind of features and playing options still Freecell 2006 is the leader in downloadable Freecell games.

Apart from Freecell 2006, Zonora Technologies also developed many other solitaire card games for Windows. These game packages includes many other games like spider solitaire, klondike, yukon, forty thieves etc.

We are also running shareware and software directory sites like..

Free Solitaire Games: An online directory of solitaire card games for Windows, Mac and Palm. This site list all solitaire products available in the market with updated details, download and purchase info for solitaire and mahjong games.

In addition to card games development Zonora also offers web based solutions, application development and Embedded systems development. 

Internet based Solutions, Software Consultancy, Client-Server Computing, Product Development,  E-Commerce Solutions, Embedded & Real Time Systems, Application Development and Games Development.

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