Should You Trust Us?


One of our members just emailed us and asked “Why should we trust you? How do we know you aren’t bribed?”

Well first you need to know how it all works.

The reviewers are rarely  offered cash for a high review score. That is stupid, inefficient and  blatantly obvious.
The way it happens is that the PR at the gaming companies place subtle pressure on the review sites to keep the scores high nice and high. They create conditional review embargo’s they will buy ads on the site, and that makes the  gaming sites reliant on the developers for content. So that creates a lot of pressure to keep developers happy on the business end of the stick. Then you have the fact that many reviewers are awful at their jobs. It attracts  people who think it is a “fun job where you get to play games.” The business men develop an attitude that they can replace opinions in exchange for value in some shape or form whether it’s AD space or “support in donations”.  So the people with real journalistic and writing skills avoid the field and it is dominated by the kind of people who write for Kotaku. There is no journalistic integrity, there are no standards. But we’re different. We abide by a code of ethics that will never be broken.

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