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Enhanced Freecell Solitaire Game

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 Freecell 2006 Online Help : Select Game

To Select a Game with a particular Game number click on "Select Game" menu item under the Game Menu.

This brings up a dialog box to enter a game number. You can enter any number between 0 and 3,240,000. Just enter a number and click on select. This feeds the entered number as input to the Freecell 2006 Game Engine and it will arrange cards according to the newly entered game number.

If the entered number is not in the valid range then Freecell 2006 will generate an error and ask to enter a valid number between 0 and 3,240,000. Click on Cancel to exit from the Select Game Dialog.

Select Game Dialog can also be selected by pressing F3 on your keyboard or by Select Game button on the toolbar.

If you are in the middle of a game then Freecell 2006 will ask you to start a new game according to the number entered or continue the current game.

If you give "Yes" you will loose the current game and Freecell 2006 start the new game. If you give no Freecell 2006 continue the current game.

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