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 Freecell 2006 Online Help : Redo

To Redo a move click on the redo option under the edit menu or click on the redo button on the toolbar or press Control+X on keyboard.

A Redo is possible only if last move was an Undo. For example if one card was moved from cell A to cell B and a successive undo moved that card back to A. Then a redo will move the card again to Cell B. ie Redo will cancel the last Undo.

If the last Undo was a single card move then Redo will move the card back to it's position before Undo. If the last Undo was a multi move with more than one card then Redo will move all that cards to it's corresponding positions before the Undo.

Redo button and menu item will be enabled only if a Redo is possible. i.e. last move was an Undo. Redo will also be disabled if a Replay is in progress or there is no game in the play area.

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