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Enhanced Freecell Solitaire Game

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 Freecell 2006 Online Help : Open Game

To open a game select "Open Game" under the Game menu or click on the Open Game button on the toolbar or press "Control+O"

This brings up the Open Game Dialog box. With this you can open 4 different types of saved games.

1. Favorites : You can open any games in the favorites list.

2. Autosave Games : Games saved with Autosave feature of Freecell 2006. Autosave also save Incomplete and Finished games separately.

3. Recent Games : Games played recently listed under Recent Games List. Recent Games List also arrange games as incomplete and Finished.

4. Manually Saved Games : These are games manually save by the user both incomplete and Finished.

Important : Favorites and Recent Games are not saved games. They contain only Game Number. When you select that games Freecell 2006 start a new game with that game number. But Autosave Files and Saved Games contains Game number as well as information about each move. ie it contains full game details like moves, time taken, score..etc

Important : While opening a Saved Game Freecell 2006 treats incomplete game and Finished Game separately.

If it is an incomplete game Freecell 2006 opens the game and go to the last played position. You can continue the game from that point.

If it is a finished game Freecell 2006 opens the game and start a replay of the game from the initial move. The replay stops when it reach the finishing move. If you want you can stop the reply by pressing the Stop button.

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