Freecell 2006

Enhanced Freecell Solitaire Game

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                Installing Freecell 2006 



Go do the downloaded folder (for eg c:\my documents) and double click on the freecell icon

This will invoke the Freecell 2006 Setup. First you will get a Message box like this 

Click Yes to proceed. It is recommended to close all other running programs before starting Setup. 

This is the initial Setup Screen. Click OK to proceed.

Now it will ask a folder to install Freecell 2006. By default it is c:\program files\Freecell 2006 If you want you can change it to some other folder or leave it as it is.

Now you can select the Start Menu Program Group Name. By default it is Freecell 2006. If you want you can change it.

Now it will start copying files with a progress bar. Sometimes it may ask to overwrite some files. Just say "No".

Finally you will get Finish Setup Dialog. You have successfully installed Freecell 2006 in your machine. 

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